Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Update from a Kindergarten Student

I am doing so good and love school. I do get tired so I am going to bed early each night. I think my Mom misses me bunches during the day but my baby sister misses me the most. I love wearing my uniform and also like it that I get two recesses. Some days I eat the cafeteria food and somedays I bring my own lunch. I am adjusting still to being a big school boy but somedays I just want to stay at home with Mom and Anipoo. We went to a nearby playground and had a blast. Mom took some pictures so look for them on this post. We had lots of fun. Aniston is really getting to be a lot of fun to play with. The other night she kept messing in what I was trying to build. When Mom came of out the bathroom I had used her cell phone charger to tie Aniston up with. Sometimes I just need some peace!


In His Army said...

Great photos! He looks so grown up! I'm glad he is adjusting well! Have a great week!