Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where have I been

well I have been busy since school started! I do run for your life at school on Tues and Thurs so that means we have to get there really early. I also have soccer on Thurs and Saturday games. Life has been really hectic and my Mom was really sick then my sister got sick. I apologize for being such a bad blogger. I am loving school and it wears me out. I am in bed by or before 8:00 every nite. I have been telling mom that school messes up my time with her and Papa! She says for me to get used to it. The other day another little boy in my class got in trouble during art for going in the no kid zone. He got sent to the principal's office. It sort of bothered me especially when he ran in the bathroom and slammed the door. Mr. Tucker, our principal, had to come in and get him. I told Mom that if that was me I would not have acted angry because that gets you in more trouble. But, I did say that I would have been crying. The next day I told mom that the little boy's punishment was to scrub doors for the principal. Mom said, "aint nothing like Catholic discipline". I don't know what that means but she was laughing. I have been praying for a little girl at my school that has cancer. Her name is Sara Beth and I'd like each of you to pray for her as well. Her brother is Luke and he is also in Kindergarten. Lately, Aniston wants to do whatever I am doing and sometimes it drives me up the wall. So, we color a lot together at my table.


In His Army said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Miss seeing you but it looks like your kiddos are doing great! They are precious.