Thursday, September 10, 2009

School Is Cool

I have settled all in to the Kindergarten thing. I am going to bed between 8-9 because I am so tired. I like recess the most but snow cone Wednesday comes in for a close second. I enjoyed Daddy having lunch with me a couple weeks ago. I crack Mom up telling about my day. Of course, there is always something that was "boring". I am reading and working hard at learning new words. I found one of Aniston's little board books and read some on each page. I love singing and teaching Aniston new songs on the way home from school. A couple days I have been starving when Mom picks me up so I bed her to take me to McDonalds or Sonic. I have the best Mom she always takes me wherever I want to go. Probably because she misses me so much.One day Papa even came with Mom to pick me up and we played in our backyard. We invited him to stay for supper and he said "yes" because it was roast!


In His Army said...

It was great to see you guys today! So glad that he is all settled into a routine now! He's going to be a good little student! Have a great week!